AEC Mandate and Goals


To foster, enhance and promote the elk industry in Alberta.


  • To promote and assist in the development and expansion of new and existing markets for elk livestock and products.
  • To improve the economic efficiency and competitiveness of the elk industry in the global marketplace.
  • To influence governments to ensure legislation that promotes the growth and sustainability of the industry.
  • To foster alliances with other livestock industries and increase the positive public perception of the elk industry.
  • To ensure revenues raised within the Commission are sufficient to cover the operational needs of the AEC business plan.


  • Membership services - to deliver efficient service to our members in response to their needs and requests.
  • Antler - to increase the demand for antler products in North America and international markets.
  • Trophy bulls - to promote the harvest of farmed trophy bulls in Alberta.
  • Breeding stock - to promote the quality of Alberta's breeding stock.
  • Wapiti - to assist in the development of markets for elk meat and by-products.
  • Efficiency - to provide the necessary tools to enhance production performance.
  • Financial - to develop an equitable and sustainable funding vehicle to ensure the long term financial stability of the Commission.


Governing legislation and disease management programs must be workable to ensure maximum production efficiencies, profitability and sustained industry growth.

Velvet antler is the industry's primary product. The AEC will ensure that opportunities to market this product are enhanced.

Elk meat(wapiti) production will become a more important activity for Alberta elk farmers. An unsatisfied market for elk meat currently exists, but the value of the limited numbers of livestock for velvet antler production and breeding stock has limited the supply of animals for slaughter.

Recreational opportunities to harvest trophy elk bulls will become a significant product stream for all elk farmers. Mature bulls realize their optimum revenue potential within this market.


Funding will be from three primary service activities:

  • membership fees and services, publications and other information sources,
  • annual AEC convention and Elk Expo,
  • research and marketing grant funding