About AEC

The Alberta Elk Commission (AEC) is an association of individuals, farms and corporations actively supporting and developing the elk farming industry in Alberta. The AEC was founded in September of 1988 as the Alberta Game Growers Association. In 1993, it changed its name to the Alberta Venison Council (AVC). At the end of 1994, the Alberta Venison Council had 123 members in its Association. In November 2002, the Association became The Alberta Elk Commission. From its humble beginnings the AEC has grown to include over 450 members farming over 45,000 elk in Alberta.

The AEC is governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of representatives elected from each Chapter (seven in total) plus three elected from the floor of the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee of the Board consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Financial Chairman. An Executive Marketing Director and an Office Manager look after day-to-day operations of the Commission.